OLO – The 3D printer powered by your smart phone

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OLO only went live on Kickstarter on Monday, and had raised the $80,000 goal in 33 minutes.

So what is it? OLO is a fun size 3D printer that prints from your phone, and only costs $99.

How does it work?

OLO uses the light from your phone screen to cure the resin. It sits securely in the base of the 3D printer and shines through the resin tank as the printer gets to work. The software also runs from you phone, allowing you to create models on the go or send models to others. OLO also accepts models from common 3D programs.

The only issue is you have to leave your phone in there for hours at a time waiting for your print to finish…

OLO is live on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/olo3d/olo-the-first-ever-smartphone-3d-printer/description


Zero Gravity 3D Printing – Building in Space

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As of early tomorrow morning, the first space compatible 3D printer will be sent to the Space Station, aboard the re-supply mission that is due to depart  3.05am tomorrow morning (11:05 pm Eastern time).

Nasa have worked with Made In Space to create this nifty little machine, which could open up a huge amount of opportunities – from printing broken parts  to printing buildings to house new colonies who move to space.


At the moment, if anything gets broken, it would take a long journey back to earth to get the parts required. Now, a digital file could be sent to the printer out in fractions of the time. It would also save money on the cost of launch – the compact filament for the printer takes up much less room than fully constructed objects and would mean less supply runs.

For full article and a link to watch the live launch this evening, check out http://www.wired.com/2016/03/little-3-d-printer-iss-huge-step-space-exploration/#slide-2

Product Launch: The Scottoiler CYCLE S1

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It has been a busy couple of weeks in the office, with several product launches in the near future.

Filament Pd have been working with Scottoiler over the last year to design the Scottoiler CYCLE S1 – the worlds first automatic chain oiling system for your bicycle.  After extensive design, development, testing and an exciting day of filming with drones at Loch Lomond, this week we proudly launched the project on Kickstarter.

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Space Coffee

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NASA spends a lot of time and money to make astronauts feel at home when in space. This is an important thing to consider, as lack of ‘natural’ sounds, light cycles and normal routine can cause problems for astronauts.

One of the biggest things that Astronaut’s miss is coffee. Italian born Samantha Cristoforetti longed for proper coffee after enduring American instant coffee. So Italian coffee company Lavazza set out to make a coffee machine that could be used in space.


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The world is guilty of making too much stuff. Rotterdam based company ‘Refil’ are encouraging makers to remake – using 3D printer filament made from recycled car parts. They take dashboards, door panels and other ABS parts from Audis and Volvos to create the 100% recycled material. Scrap material is shredded, melted, filtered and then extruded into string. It comes on a recycled cardboard spool that can also then be reused.

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