What makes us tick…

We solve problems and seek out opportunities, with childlike curiosity and expert knowledge.

We learn through making, using cutting edge technology and age-old techniques.

We always put people first, but never forget the bottom line. 

But, what makes a successful product?

For us, the answer is simple: a successful product strikes a balance between user, technology and business.


Connected-ness is integral to innovation. Whether it is tech, experience or business driven, innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our aim with every product we create is successful interaction. We create impactful experiences by putting people first and solving real problems.  We think big picture and consider small details, move at speed but always take time to think. Our collaborative approach to working allows us to deliver great products that perform seamlessly, time and time again.

We work in collaboration with companies of all shapes and sizes, from global brands to leading disruptive start-ups. No project is too big,  too small or too challenging because we tailor our approach to meet your requirements. Every project we work on solves a unique problem,  so we use our tested process and design philosophy to let the journey define the destination. 

At Filament, we know that the way people fund, develop, manufacture, buy and sell things is changing - but we use this change to our advantage. We help you go from initial sketch to final product, successfully integrating the physical, software and service elements.


Who we are

We're a funny old bunch…

We're Designers and Engineers, creative and technical.


Our Philosophy 

We don't believe in tech for tech's sake, or in creating problems to try and solve them. We create products that work, solve real user problems, and have clear commercial potential.


Impact and ROI are always at the forefront of our strategic minds. We understand that every penny you spend with us in R&D needs to generate an evident outcome. As a result, from the very beginning, we look to discover whether your project meets our criteria for success. Where it doesn't, we will work with you to refine your model until we are confident we can deliver success for you. 


The internet of things

The future is connected. From physical to digital to service, product is now full encompassing experiences, not just the physical object.

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