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Portable, effective altitude simulation


Why is it that Kenyans and Ethiopians are so successful at Olympic track events-or why the athletes who train in those countries often cross the finish line first in major marathons? The answer may have far less to do with drive and determination—and everything to do with elevation.

Altitude training has been used by elite athletes for a number of decades yet this has generally been reserved for those who are time rich and with deep pockets. That is until now, the Altium i10 is an affordable, portable and effective means of simulating altitude from the comfort of your own sofa, allowing committed amateurs the ability to see the same gains as the pros.

Filament worked with client Scotlab Ltd to develop the i10 device from initial proof of concept to market. This accelerated development took only 18 months from start to having landed product ready to sell.


The development of the Altium i10 required a complete multi-disciplinary approach ensuring there was strong core design philosophy across a wide range of areas including:

- Physiology
- Industrial design
- Gas Flow Analysis (CFD)
- Mechanical Engineering
- DfM

This resulted in no only the development of a product, but an entire physical/digital brand.

Our team ensured that the one design vision was maintained across all areas of the development creating a visually striking product that seamlessly interacted with the digital iOS app. In designing both the physical and digital interaction we could ensure that the customer’s journey was smooth from first breath to crossing the finish line.


We started working with Filament in September 2014 right at the beginning of our R&D program. They took our concept and IP from our academic partner and turned it into our first product to reach the market the Altium i10. The entire process during our time working with Filament could not have been handled more professionally by Craig and the team. They have had a major hand in everything from the engineering and design of the product, the development of our brand/website and iOS app to organising and overseeing the manufacture and setting up our distribution/logistics network. They are an indispensible extension of our team and we continue to enjoy working with them in a strategic role since the launch of the Altium i10.”

Alan Montgomery - MD Scotlab Ltd

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