Smart office sensor - beringar

Making buildings talk.


Understanding how someone uses a building is key to improving and optimising the space. Until now the only way to create this feedback loop is through laborious observation and interviews, this not only takes resource collecting the data put also processing all the information to sift out the valuable insights. Beringar has developed an IoT (Internet of Things) sensor that collects 15 data points in real time from Occupancy, Person location, Asset Tracking, Environmental and Air Quality.

The network of sensors communicate via LoRa back to gateways that feeds all the data into Beringar’s patent pending machine learning algorithms to help to uncover building use pattern and environmental data, provide powerful insights for owners and occupiers and help drive up comfort levels and business productivity.


Filament worked with Beringar from initial Proof of Concept (POC) developed by CENSIS through to producing a first production batch of units that were to undergo testing with selected beta partners.

Beringar devices operate under a Hardware as a Service business model so reliability, ease of install and maintenance is key to a successful ROI. Taking the feedback from these early beta test units we are working closely with Beringar

to refine the design and installation interaction on the production devices to launch later in 2019.

As the business keeps evolving we aim to maintain our relationship with the Beringar team to assist them on their development journey looking to expand the range of sensors and services offered in the future.

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