Barista quality coffee on the go.


The secret to a great coffee is simple: high quality, freshly ground beans and fresh milk. For years vending machine coffee has had a terrible reputation, and rightly so, because manufacturers opted to use the easy option of instant coffee and powdered milk.

Halo achieves barista quality coffee by pairing the best home-roasted beans, ground only at the point of sale, with refrigerated, fresh milk. A user-friendly touch screen interface guides you through the process of creating your perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte, with options for decaf and skimmed milk.

Filament worked with client Matthew Algie to develop the overall design of the machine, as well as the mechanical engineering of the front door unit and how this interacted with the machine frame. This involved close collaboration with the client, along with co-suppliers Screenmedia (screen interface design), Stellex (machine frame), and Tactic (electronics)


Filament’s involvement in the project began with early industrial design concepts for the machine. These were developed into a singular vision for the design of the machine, which was constantly developed and adapted to meet the needs of all stakeholders – from the installation engineer to the end customer.

Our team created full scale physical prototypes to assess the design at every stage, from 2D print-outs to CNC’d foam. Close collaboration with all suppliers was

required to ensure that the machine design matched the screen design, and to ensure it surpassed all technical requirements.

While the conceptual design was being finalised, our team design engineered the front door unit, performing full DfM CAD before sourcing manufacturers for all front door components. We liaised with manufacturers and client to ensure the finished unit was a success.


”Working with the Filament team has been a very collaborative experience and often feels like working with project team colleagues rather than an external resource. That said, the guys are professional in their approach and have immersed themselves in the product, and shared our drive and passion for what we are trying to achieve with Halo. I would certainly use them again if the need arose, or indeed recommend them to other businesses looking for product design engineers who strike the right balance between practical yet creative.

Cristy Hargreaves - Project Manager of Halo

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