Football Training Revolutionised.


Hexagol make modular, multi-functional outdoor soccer experiences. The ‘cells’ offer a revolutioary new way to play football. It offers palyers the chance to test their skills in an enclosed arena, encouraging and improving ball-control, passing, shooting and reactions.

Hexagol approached Filament to help them develop advanced, interactive cells to deliver the ultimate football training experience.

The ‘Techpack’ contains a range of wireless targets and kickboards connected to the Hexagol S.P.A.C.E.S app opeing up a whole new dimension.


Realising the Hexagol Tech pack required an integrated cross disciplinary approach between both digital and physical. The targets and kickboards has to be rugged enough to take repeated impact from the ball yet the electronics had to be sensitive enough to register all impacts whilst negating any wrongful triggers from vibration.

To ensure that a focus on improving skills within a game environment the design of the interaction was key and core to the development. The system has to offer a fun yet challenging interaction with all friction designed out to ensure repeatability without boredom.

We assited the client will all areas of the development
including the Industrial design, UI/UX, iOS and Android App development, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, DFM & Manufacturing setup and management

The product has been received extremely well and is currently being trialled by a number of professional academies across the world.

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