The internet of things

Products are now more than the physical object.


The role of the product designer has shifted over the past few years with the dawn of the 3rd digital wave bringing in the era of IoT and connected hardware. It is now our role to develop the interactions within these new experiences that encompass all aspects of physical digital and service.

The focus has to be not solely on slick individual user experiences (UX), but creating a much wider overarching customer experience (CX) with all touch points of the brand with the user.


At filament we put the user at the centre of everything we do. Our user centric approach to connected hardware ensures that we design interaction ecosystems that drive new innovative business models and ways of delivering impact for our customers.

Our diverse partner network allows us to translate connected thinking and deliver solutions across a wide range of disciplines. We’re not connecting for connected sake, we’re developing the technology to drive more meaningful, beneficial interactions.