Altium i10

Portable, effective altitude simulation.

Launched in 2014



A render of a altitude simulator device
A man using an altitude simulator deviceA view of a table with an altitude simulator device
A hand holding a smart watch next to three smartphones

Endurance athlete’s are always searching for marginal gains to help trim seconds off their Personal Bests (PBs). Innovative technology has played an increasing role within this field with sport science turning to measurable data to help continuously improve performance. With the introduction of the Altium i10 the benefits of a “Train High Live Low” mantra has been given a 21st century make over, brining altitude training to the masses. Altitude training has been used by elite, endurance athletes for a number of decades, yet this has generally been reserved for athletes who are funded and can avail of training programs in High or Intermediate Altitude Training locations. That is until now. The Altium i10 is an affordable, portable and effective means of simulating altitude from the comfort of your own sofa, allowing committed amateur athletes the ability to see the same gains as the professionals.Filament worked with our client Scotlab Ltd. to develop the i10 device from initial proof of concept to assisting in market launch. From start to having landed product ready to sell, this accelerated development took only 18 months.

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