A handle device

Axiene Clean Touch

Self-sanitising, Antibacterial Handles
Using built in self-wicking technology, Axiene delivers antibacterial fluid to the surface of the handle, sanitising both the surface and the users hand.

Launched in 2022



A man in a blue shirt is opening a door
A drawing of a door handleA bunch of plastic objects sitting on a table
A man holding onto a black door handle

In today’s world, hygiene and cleanliness have taken on greater significance than ever before. The handles we use every day have millions of bacteria on them, the Axiene Clean Touch system delivers a convenient and hygienic solution, providing market leading surface protection. A recent YouGov survey found that 27% of all adults in the UK often avoid using a public toilet over concerns of cleanliness – consider how many times you have used a public toilet and avoided touching the door handle.

The Axiene system presented a unique challenge. The device needed to allow wicking from a re-fillable reservoir within the handle, to ensure continuous delivery of the antibacterial solution to the handle surface. The components also had to be easily maintained, re-filled and lockable to avoid tampering. The Filament team worked closely with Glana to iteratively test and refine the design to ensure the end product was robust enough for commercial use.Glana launched Axiene in May 2022, delivering a new approach, to Infection Protection for hospitals, offices, industry and public spaces.