So where do you start. R&D is difficult and there’s nothing more daunting than a blank sheet of paper. At Filament we put trust in our process. Discover, Design, Deliver, Deploy with each stage giving more clarity as you progress.



This is all about understating the users, technology and market. It’s about examining the core but also keeping a peripheral view open to insights that drive opportunities. Often it’s by looking past the obvious that you find the subtleties that create truly inspiring solutions to solve user problems.

Our product strategists will help you with feasibility studies, brief writing and project scoping to ensure you choose the correct path and know the journey ahead.



This is what drives us, by starting to connect and align the insights from the Discover phase we can start to design all aspects of the product and interaction. We employ a Think, Make, Break, Repeat approach where concepts are tested and refined to the point of a first functional prototype.

Our design team go between the studio and lab, from concept to prototype each iteration gets you one step closer.



You’ve defined the need and designed the solution now it’s time to get serious. Delivery is about dedication to the details, bringing all aspects of the product together and refining every millimetre, every pixel, every interaction into a single coherent product experience.

Our engineers and compliance team will make sure everything is in place to get you on the first step of the manufacturing process.



From the moment you press go on production to the first off the line deploy is about careful management of all production partners. It can be a daunting task but we’re here to help you along the entire path, whether you need a CTO for hire or a just a help along the way we can assist in ensuring the design intent is carried from first sketch to final products.