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Smart homes need smart switches.


“Alexa set the mood to chill please”… Converting your humble abode into a smart home should be an easy task but where do you even start, Wi-Fi bulbs? home hubs? smart sockets? It’s enough to make even Edison scratch his head with complete consumer confusion. Rhoob offer a simple 3 in 1 system, the simple smart switch.

This versatile system consists of 2 units that can be used 3 different ways. The dimmer module attaches onto the wireless switch and goes ‘in wall’ as a replacement to your standard light switches without needing any modification to the existing cabling in the wall. Separated, the dimmer module and wireless switch can be used independently either to add smart capabilities to your ceiling, floor or desk lamp and the wireless switch’s energy harvesting technology means that with no need for any power or batteries you can stick it anywhere giving you complete lighting control at the press of a physical, or digital button.


Neil from Rhoob approached us with proof of concept electronics that required a product solution. Knowing the nature of the start-up ecosystem we took a strategic look at the development journey to ensure that what was delivered would help Rhoob grow from concept to system, gaining further interest and investment to take on the big players.

After dissecting current market competition both in terms of form and function it was decided that the device should push the

Industrial design boundaries and move more into the consumer space. We worked closely with Neil ensuring that our developed design would compliment the functionality of his electronics and that a high fidelity prototype could be produced to gain market interest.

Rhoob are currently in discussions with manufacturing partners looking to undertake a trial run of the technology later in 2017.


”The brief I set Craig & Danny for my project was intentionally loose however they expertly interpreted my requirements and applied their creative talents in developing and delivering a proof of concept prototype while respecting my budget constraints. As a self funder, Craig's knowledge of financial initiatives for startups was extremely useful to me and helped get the project off the ground. Their work surpassed my expectations and filamentpd is now my go-to contact for my future product development needs. I'd happily recommend them to others..

Neil Ross, Rhoob MD

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