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When every Watt matters.


Elite cyclists are dedicated to efficiency: Percentage savings on energy spent; maximising power output; ensuring smooth transmission, all play a major part in reaching their goals.

The Revo Flaer is the world’s first chain performance system. It offers maximum efficiency by applying a precise quantity of specially developed fluid to the riders bicycle chain, giving maximum power transfer to the wheel, smoother gear shifts and visibly cleaner transmission.

Filament worked with client Scottoiler Ltd to develop the Revo Via - the flagship product for their new brand, Flaer. Working alongside their internal engineering team, Filament lead the aesthetics development and design for manufacture.

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The Revo Via was designed to be like nothing else on the market. Therefore, the product required designed from the ground up. The design process required an engineered approach marrying al elements of theoretical, conceptual and physical testing.

- Product Strategy
- Industrial design
- Mechanical Engineering
- Lab testing
- Field Testing
- Design for Manufacture

This integrated process allowed not only a well engineered product to be released, but one which had already been proven to maintain power transmission, where other chain lubricants couldn’t.

The Filament team were dedicated to designing a product that not only met functional requirements, but was simple to use and maintain and blended seamlessly with the exacting aesthetics of performance bikes.


”We worked on a number of complex projects with Filament PD from conceptual design all the way through to a commercial product. The team are very professional, knowledgeable and have large number of contacts to utilise to support product development. The team were key to us creating a product that was suitable for our target market.

Chris Simpson - Technical Director, Flaér

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