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The secret to a great coffee is simple: high quality, freshly ground beans and fresh milk. For years vending machine coffee has had a terrible reputation, and rightly so, because manufacturers opted to use the easy option of instant coffee and powdered milk.


On hospital wards, continuous monitoring of patients has always been challenging. With twenty-four patients on a ward, the amount of data collected makes it impractical. No doctor or nurse could ever interpret so much information. As a result, patients are only intermittently monitored. It takes about 15 minutes to collect one patient's vital sign observations manually. 

 Snap40 has developed an automated risk analysis and continuous wearable vital signs monitoring system to allow health services to easily and quickly identify patients at high risk of becoming sick in hospital. 

Filament worked closely with snap40 to help develop their wearable monitoring device and charging station. The product is in advanced medical trials and will be used by the NHS from early 2018.




The challenge was to create a comfortable, usable and discrete wearable that had enough sensing and battery capacity for 2 full days of use. Throw in strict compliance to medical design controls and it all adds up to quite a daunting task. 

 We were determined not to allow the technical limitations to prevent us from delivering a great experience for both the patient and healthcare staff. Through exhaustive prototyping, user testing and iterating we arrived at the final product.


The result has helped snap40 gain significant investment and contracts with several NHS trusts. 

 Our involvement included: 
 - Concept Design
 - Mechanical Engineering
- Tooling and Manufacture Setup
- Instructions for Use
- Product Packaging
- Assembly Manuals  
- Compliance with Medical Device standards including (ISO 14971, ISO 13485, IEC 60601 and FDA)

We started working with Filament PD at the very inception of snap40 - when it was nothing more than myself and an idea. They have been with us through the many trials and tribulations of bringing a product to market and have become great friends and partners.

Their expertise has been of great importance in the early stages of our company.
— Christopher McCann - CEO Snap 40

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