The Healthcare industry always shifting in new and exciting ways. With the constant technological changes, exponential innovation by med-tech companies is needed in order to compete in this unprecedented & data-driven world.

At Filament, we have recognised the transformative potential of health-tech/med-tech, and the capacity to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by the industry today. By using our strategic as well as human-centred design thinking approach we have the capability to power change, and contribute to build a better, more positive future for patients and medical professionals, at home and in hospitals.

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Case Study - Neurobright

For the past decade there has been an exponential rise of mental health problems worldwide. So how can we work towards a world of healthier minds and happier people? Neurobright is paving the way.


Case Study - Tachmed

Tachmed’s intuitive devices mean you can self-test without the need for a doctor’s appointment or a delay in getting your results. Your data is instantly delivered to your healthcare practitioner who immediately has the information they need to diagnose or prescribe.


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Wherever design takes us, we will be working with leading brands, disruptive start-ups and ambitious SMEs to deliver the Filament factor for success.

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Ideas & Insights:

For the last 10 years we have applied strategic & human centred design thinking to worldwide challenges to enable progress along markets and industries. We all know that design has the power to change lives, and is a key driver towards a more positive future. That’s why we stand by it.We stay connected to people that share our passion for innovative products that generate value and impact, and working together to bring a meaningful change to the most serious problems facing the world today.

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