A woman wearing a pair of meditation glasses


Wearable Light Therapy Device
A light therapy device that can calm, focus or energise the mind through audio-visual sessions.

Under development



A close up of a person wearing a mediation device
A close up of a mediation device with a black strapA group of different mediation device and sizes of hair clips
A mediation device that is sitting on top of a stand

In a world of screens and busy lives, finding a way to truly reset the brain can be a challenge. Neurobright enables the wearer to improve mental wellness, increase creativity and even IQ. Every day 50 million people call in sick due to anxiety and stress, meaning more than 1 billion productive days are lost every month, costing the global economy $1 trillion every year.

Pairing the principles of light therapy with an audio track through a ‘session’ on this device permits an experience that can calm, focus or energise the user. Using cutting-edge entertainment technology allows the system to create an incredibly engaging audio-visual experience. Neurobright partnered with Filament to create, design and build a premium device that permeates themes of wellness & technology.

Filament’s role was to take their product to the next level through an iterative loop of designing, building and testing. High-quality, user-testable prototypes were created, enabling Neurobright to deliver a refined product experience.

A close up of a mediation device on a purple background