OnCharge ZIR0

Portable Electric Vehicle Charging
A charging solution for fleet vehicles on their journey to electrification, with smart booking and take-home power banks from dedicated, localised hubs that allows overnight charging.

Under Development

OnCharge (Tual)


An EV swappable battery for a van
EV batteries in a van
A white van with two seats on the back of it

Not everybody has dedicated parking, kerbside access to charging points or the ability to install a charging system at their residence. The OnCharge system allows drivers to collect a take-home power bank from dedicated, localised hubs that allows them to charge the main traction battery overnight, resulting in a 100% charge by the start of the driver's day.

This system is aimed at delivery van drivers and fleets, to allow charging over night when grid prices are low and the staff are asleep, avoiding lengthy waits in charging bays and increased productivity. Convenience, speed and ease of use are priorities for enterprise fleets that need their vehicles working, not waiting. OnCharge worked with Filament to design their system, develop app wireframes and deliver early stage, working physical prototypes.

Listening to users from various fleets informed the design, functionality and usability of the service.Leading parcel delivery company DPD is set to trial the OnCharge ZIR0 prototype charging system at DPD's Bicester eco-depot - the most sustainable facility in the company's UK network.