Banknote Authentication App
Banknote authentication on the go, with an interactive and informative mobile application that verifies currency and educates the user on security features.


Koenig & Bauer


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Koenig and Bauer, a global provider of high security printing, especially for banknote solutions, wanted an app that was able to help authenticate a banknote and show whether it is counterfeit or genuine in less than a second. The ValiCash™app runs a verification system mainly based on the structural analysis of Intaglio print (Sound of Intaglio®) and more generally on specific optical characteristics of high-security printing processes, like Intaglio, physical security features or holograms, guiding the user through scanning the note in question and providing further verification advice. Over 80% of the world’s population depends upon cash for their day-to-day activity.

Until now, notes could be checked using the simple “feel, look and tilt” method or by professional cash handlers using machines for handling and processing banknotes that can reliably identify counterfeits and withdraw them from circulation. Some 376,000 counterfeit euro banknotes were withdrawn from circulation in 2022.The app was designed to make the process of scanning banknotes on the go, as intuitive and informative as possible, whilst remaining a simple and enjoyable experience.

Filament worked alongside software engineers to build a robust and reliable app to transform the authentication experience.ValiCash application recently won the CashEssentials Best New CashTech Innovation Award and plays a leading role in Koenig and Bauers strategy for the future of cash. Filament are working alongside their specialist on future digital experiences.

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