Coffea Filbii

An interactive coffee making experience
Producing expertly ground and brewed coffee at the touch of a button, without sacrificing quality.




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A good day in the office starts with a perfect cup of coffee. Can we turn the dated conference coffee experience into a moment of joy? We sure can. Filbiii coffee system combines ergonomic design and sleek aesthetics with expertly ground and brewed coffee when you need it, a far cry from the bitter coffee experience of the past. Tchibo has over 50 years experience and know-how in the coffee industry, providing 460,000 of cups of coffee a day to their customers.

Their philosophy is simple - Uncompromisingly good: Coffee enjoyment paired with high versatility and captivating quality. Filament worked with Tchibo to design an enjoyable coffee experience, with intuitive user interface and touch points, practical design for cleaning and adaptable to different environment. The high quality materials and finishes, alongside the modern brewing and spray head technology create a perfect cup of coffee every time.

The Coffea Filbii is ECBC certified. Only coffee machines that meet the highest European quality standards of coffee preparation receive a European Coffee Center (ECBC) certification. However, perfect coffee quality depends not only on the bean, but also on the right coffee machine. Therefore, ECBC-excellent coffee machines are measured, among other things, with regard to optimal coffee extraction and ideal brewing temperature as well as brewing time.

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