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Phox Water

Sustainable Water Filtration
Introducing the first refillable filter cartridge, Phox water offers a sustainable solution to water filtration.

Launched in 2023



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In the pursuit of clean and tasty water, millions of filter cartridges go to landfill each year. In 2019 Phox Water decided to put an end to that by creating the first refillable filter cartridge. Portable and recyclable, this sustainable version to water filtering provides the user with added benefits of different water filter solutions to suit their water needs.Filament helped Phox to conceptualise ideas, create prototypes and get their range of products ready for manufacturing. With sustainability in mind, the Phox team wanted to keep manufacture and distribution as local as possible.

All the units are designed and produced in the UK through Filament’s mutual manufacturing partners. Launched initially on Amazon in 2019 Phox products sold extremely well and proved popular among consumers. 2022 was a pivotal year for Phox as it gained listings with major retailer John Lewis and launched a filter compatible with the market’s leading filtration jugs and devices. They were acquired by Culligan in 2023, the wold's largest water treatment company.

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