Interactive Coffee Vending Machine
Halo achieves barista quality coffee on the go, by pairing the best home-roasted beans, ground only at the point of sale, with refrigerated, fresh milk.


Matthew Algie


A vending machine in front of a display of pastries
A person holding a cup in front of a machineA person pointing at a sign with a cup of coffee on it
A man is opening the door of a coffee machine

The secret to a great coffee is simple: high quality, freshly ground beans and fresh milk. For years vending machine coffee has had a terrible reputation, and rightly so, because manufacturers opted to use the easy option of instant coffee and powdered milk. More than 8 million cups of coffee and 2 million cups of tea are served from UK Vending machines every single day of the year. Leading coffee distributors Matthew Algie wanted to disrupt the coffee vending experience, to deliver an exceptional coffee experience on the go. Halo challenges the expectations of automated coffee machines, providing expertly crafted, freshly ground coffee in under a minute.

The Filament team worked with client Matthew Algie to develop the overall design of the machine, as well as the mechanical engineering of the front door unit and how this interacted with the machine frame. With the aim to re-think the coffee vending experience, we looked at the pain points of existing systems, designing an interface that was more accessible and enjoyable to interact with. Halo provided Matthew Algie with a unique avenue into providing coffee vending solutions directly to brands such as M&S and Morrisons.

A person writing on a notebook next to a self service coffee machine