An orange background with a bicycle chain catcher attached to it

Flaer Revo

Programmable delivery system for precise bicycle chain lubrication.


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A close up of a bike's front wheel
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When it comes to oiling your bicycle chain, achieving and maintaining the optimum level of chain lubrication is a challenge. A poorly lubricated bike chain that relies on traditional lubrication, quickly becomes less efficient. The flaer revo continuously cleans lubricates the chain with the exact volume needed to preserve optimum lubrication at all times. This produces maximum power transmission in the chain and smoother gear shifts, which will result in measurable performance benefits over the course of any ride. Global leaders in motorcycle chain oiler system, Scottoiler, approached Filament to help them define a product enabling entry in to the performance cycling market.

The design had to fit the form of the bike, without interfering with the ride and still providing easy access for the user to interact with the interfaces. It needed to be adaptable and robust, fitting many different bike forms and withstanding the rugged environment it needed to perform in.

Supporting volume manufacturing, Filament also assisting in the crowdfunding campaign to launch the Flaer Vevo, which was well received by the cycling community and press.