A couple of vases sitting on top of a table


Sustainable origami plant pots and vases, with self watering wicking technology.

Launched in 2023



A man and a woman sitting at a table with potted plants
A blue vase with a plant in itA potted plant sitting on top of a shelf

POTR are a Glasgow based company that create innovative origami pots and vases which can be delivered through your door and are made from recycled polypropylene and recycled cotton that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. The products are striking and geometric, and provide a unique aesthetic at a very reasonable price. POTR pots also use a clever wicking technology to ensure that the plant always gets exactly the right amount of water.After successfully creating a flat pack vase for Bloom and Wild, POTR wanted to improve their base offering to make it more intuitive and easy to fold, and also to explore a wide range of options for where they could go next.

The team stripped back the POTR pot to its base requirements and built it back up again, looking at the material, the origami pattern, the method of folding, the wicking technology and more. We realised that, given the cord that is threaded around the top of the pot, the current snap fits could be made redundant with a few simple changes to the pattern. This incremental (but fundamental) change allowed for a much simpler and easier assembly method.

Since POTR first launched its self-watering origami plant pots in 2019, it has gone on to grow a global following. POTR plans to follow a 2024 launch in Japan with expansion into the USA later in the year.