Cobra Simulation

Immersive simulation rigs for pilot training.

Launched in 2023

Cobra Simulation

2019-2023 Various Projects

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Training pilots is an involved, costly and sometimes dangerous process, and so flight simulators are commonly used as one step on that journey. However, without the feedback of the motion of the plane the experience can be less immersive.. Creating an immersive environment centred around the user, enabling them to use real instruments within a domed visual display, centred on a cockpit, has been shown to be a desirable way to create a flight simulator on Cobra Simulation’s other projects. However, movement between "dual channel projection systems mounted above, maintaining a seamless projected reality," is a significant engineering challenge. The Filament team designed and engineered a first of it's kind projection dome, utilising RIM moulding for low volume, high accuracy plastics, with a fabricated aluminium exoskeleton.

A gantry system capable of securely mounting a range of projection and calibration systems was created, with assembly, handling and transits paramount to the entire product solution due to the size of the system. With safety being paramount, FEA was used extensively to verify every element of the structure at the maximum accelerations it would experience.

Working closely with Cobra Simulation and their expert fabricators, Filament ensured that the engineering vision was safely and consistently brought to life.Cobra Simulation are in the process of providing Coventry University with the first unit, and they will use it to safely and cost-effectively train the next generation of pilots in an immersive, realistic environment.

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