Automated Mower

Next Generation Robotic Lawnmowers
Designed to cover larger terrains, this mower uses a human-like movement pattern covering each patch of grass only once.

Launched in 2023

Kingdom Technologies


A couple of white cars sitting on top of a green floor
A white lawn mower sitting on top of a lush green fieldAn aerial view of a golf course in the middle of a lake
Two screens showing the location of a soccer field

Kingdom build next generation robotic lawnmowers for large terrains such as golf course and sports fields. Unlike previous robotic lawnmowers that move in a random pattern and require a boundary cable, Kingdom’s mower covers each patch of grass only once using human-like navigation.Kingdom’s innovative path planning system allows them to cover areas of 70,000m2, around 10 times that of other robotic lawnmowers. Setting up the mower is done by drawing virtual boundary lines on satellite photos of their property.

Filament has worked with Kingdom over the last 4 years as an extension of their internal team, providing tailored support as the company has grown. This has ranged from product strategy and roadmapping to mechanical design support and manufacturing supply chain setup.Filament’s flexible design and manufacturing support has been an important factor to Kingdom securing over £3m in private investment and public funding to support their ambitious international growth.

A row of white lawn mowers sitting on top of a wooden pallet