Modular Solar Energy Convertors
Solariskit is a prismatic shaped solar collector optimised for flat-roof and ground installations, with sustainable design at its core.




A group of solar devices sitting on top of a roof
A bunch of boxes stacked on top of each otherA drawing of a pyramid solar device with a ray of light coming out of it
A man wearing a green face mask sitting next to a solar device

Current Solar Heating Solutions are unattractive and difficult to install. SolarisKit is a unique, prismatic shaped solar collector optimised for flat-roof and ground installations. The SolarisKit solar collector efficiently converts solar energy into hot water and unlike other solar solutions, every single component of the SolarisKit solar collector can be easily accessed so that they can be repaired, reused, and recycled, reducing waste and making the most of precious resources.

Optimised for global shipping and international projects, the SolarisKit solar collector can be quickly and efficiently shipped practically anywhere in the world.Around 50% of global energy is consumed to meet heating demand and this is largely met using fossil fuels Harnessing solar energy to meet global heating demand will not only impact the environment, but improve quality of life for millions of people in the global south.

Filament helped Solariskit optimise the design for manufacture, assisting in iterative prototype creation and efficiency testing to improve performance and functionality.Winning the Net Zero edge prize at COP26 was a huge boost for SolarisKit, providing them with essential funding to continue production. They where also featured on the BBC People fixing the people program, which focused on their recent project installing unique flat-packable solar thermal collectors in Rwanda.

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